Episodes will be released every two weeks on Tuesdays. 

(Taco Tuesday that is!)

Season 2: Episode 3 -- The Road to International Symposium, Part 2 with Ali O'Connell

Released June 11, 2024

Brian and Nick talk with Australian handbell ringer and director Ali O'Connell about the handbell programs in Australia, experiences at past International Symposia, and even start making plans for the 2026 symposium in Aberdeen!

Link to Timothy Sherlock's handbell music

Season 2: Episode 2 -- Buyer Be-Aware!

Released May 21, 2024

Brian and Nick talk about where to buy all things handbells, including tips for buying from your traditional suppliers, alternative sources for regularly used handbell products, and what to look for when buying and selling used sets of bells.

Here is a list of general products we mentioned (and where to purchase them!):


Heitz Handbells

J.W. Pepper

Jeffers Handbell Supply



Costco (2-pack)


Chandler Music

Marlo Plastics


Band Shoppe

Band Shoes Online

Season 2: Episode 1 -- Handbell Hangout - One Year Anniversary with Dean Jensen, Paul Weller, Derek Nance, and Bryce Nance

Released May 7, 2024

Brian and Nick are joined by the original handbell podcasters, Dean Jensen and Paul Weller, as well as Derek and Bryce Nance from the Handbell Brothers' Blog to celebrate the one year anniversary of Two Tacos High!

Here is the Drunquen Kwartet!

Don't forget to check out our NEW Events page!

Season 1: Episode 24 -- Have Bells, Will Travel with Tessique Houston and Genevieve "GeeBee" Hanson

Released April 9, 2024

Brian and Nick talk with Tessique Houston, Equipment Manager for Sonos, and Genevieve Hanson, Assistant to the Director of Music at St. Matthew's United Methodist Church in Annandale, VA, about how their ensembles tour and travel, and how they transport all of the necessary equipment that comes with bell ringing!

Don't forget to check out our NEW Events page!

St. Matthew's equipment

Sonos' equipment

Season 1: Episode 23 -- The Road to International Symposium, Part 1 with Damien Lim

Released March 26, 2024

Brian and Nick talk with Damien Lim, Executive Director of Handbell Ringers of Singapore and Principal Conductor & Artistic Director for the Ministry of Bellz about handbell programs in Singapore, experiences at past Symposia, and what we are looking forward to at this upcoming Symposium!

Season 1: Episode 22 -- Start Composting *Composing* Today!

Released March 12, 2024

Nick and Brian talk about their start in composing and arranging, what you need to get started composing yourself, and some tips and tricks they learned from their experience writing and publishing.

Season 1: Episode 21 -- The Great Handbell Myth-Bust

Released February 27, 2024

Brian and Nick take on some of the biggest handbell myths and misconceptions (and throw in a few physics and history lessons in the process!).

Season 1: Episode 20 -- Handbell Hangout - Composers Roundtable with Sandra Eithun, Mike Joy, and Jason Krug

Released February 13, 2024

Sandy Eithun, Mike Joy, and Jason Krug join us for a Handbell Hangout where they discuss their background in composing for handbells, their writing process, and their favorite pieces by other composers.

Season 1: Episode 19 -- 🎶 Do You Want to Start a Bell Choir? 🎶

Released January 30, 2024

Now that you have that earworm in your head, join Nick and Brian as they talk through the process of starting a handbell ensemble at your church along with tips and tricks for finding equipment, recruiting, and finding appropriate repertoire.

We mention it in the podcast so we thought we would include an article about why AGO cannot post salary recommendations anymore.

Season 1: Episode 18 -- Two Tacos High's 2024 Preview

Released January 16, 2024

Happy New Year! Brian and Nick give a preview of 2024 handbell events - local, national, and international! We also give a preview of what to expect from a few of this year's upcoming episodes.

Season 1: Episode 17 -- Podcast of the Bells

Released December 19, 2023

There's no escaping it when you play bells around the holidays. Join Nick and Brian as they review some of the many different handbell arrangements of "that bell tune", Carol of the Bells.

Season 1: Episode 16 -- The Two Tacos High Handbell Ensemble Presents...

Released December 5, 2023

Nick and Brian plan a concert program for the first Two Tacos High Handbell Ensemble holiday concert!

Click here to check out the program!

(after listening if you want to keep it a surprise)

Also, here's Brian, in 12 sweaters, performing Matthew Compton's arrangement of "Masters in This Hall."

Season 1: Episode 15 -- Handbell Hangout - Thanksgiving with Greg Hanson, Eric Hanson, and Diane Seemann 🦃

Released November 21, 2023

Brothers Eric and Greg, and mother Diane join us for a Thanksgiving themed Handbell Hangout to talk family traditions, favorite childhood memories, and poolside parakeets!

Season 1: Episode 14 -- 🎃 Two Tacos High Halloween Special! 🎃

Released October 31, 2023

Nick and Brian talk Halloween traditions, Halloween songs we think would work well on bells, and talk about what some of you have done for Halloween with your ensembles.

I Put a Spell on You, as performed by the Hegeman String Band in the 2015 Philadelphia Mummers Parade!

Season 1: Episode 13 -- Get to Know Your Handbell Musicians of America Board!

Released October 17, 2023

Newly elected President-Elect Kathryn Jurado, and At-Large members Lynn Atkins, Dave Harris, and Kath Wissinger join us to talk about what got them into handbells, how they got connected with the Guild, and their plans for the next six years on the Board of Handbell Musicians of America.

More about the National Board of Directors.

Season 1: Episode 12 -- Strategies for Effective Rehearsals

Released October 3, 2023

Nick and Brian talk about their experience leading rehearsals in school, church, and community group settings, and tips that they use to get the most out of their rehearsal time.

Here is "Tranquil Chimings"!

It can also be found in this reproducible book.

Season 1: Episode 11 -- HANDBELL HANGOUT, To Glove or Not To Glove? with Josh Fitzgerald, Michèle Sharik, and Justin Wooten 

Released September 19, 2023

Gloves or no gloves? Michèle Sharik, Josh Fitzgerald, and Justin Wooten join us in a special Handbell Hangout episode to answer the biggest question in handbells!

Season 1: Episode 10 -- Back to School! with Greig Ashurst and Rob Riker

Released September 5, 2023

Fellow music educators Greig Ashurst and Rob Riker join us to talk about how they start the school year, curricula and resources they use in the classroom, and also morph suits and PVC instruments!

Nancy Jessup's book: Building a Successful Handbell or Handchime Choir

Handbell Musicians of America Education Page

Season 1: Episode 9 -- A Handbell Can Make How Many Sounds?!? with Dr. Christian Guebert

Released August 22, 2023

Dr. Christian Guebert joins us to talk about his dissertation on the "Timbral Use of the Handbell Ensemble", proposals for the handbell ensemble to reach its full potential, and the importance of connecting the handbell world with the greater musical world.

Dr. Guebert's Dissertation - Timbral Use of the Handbell Ensemble: Background, Analysis, and Strategies

His dissertation piece -"Voyaging" for mixed chorus, large handbell ensemble, and harp

Season 1: Episode 8 -- Handbells in a public school?! with Corbin Rasmussen

Released August 8, 2023

Nick and Brian talk with the winner of the National Seminar Handbell Commons Raffle, Corbin Rasmussen, about how he got into handbells and is working to spread handbells throughout public schools in Idaho!

More about Corbin Rasmussen from the Area 10 Newsletter

Season 1: Episode 7 -- National Seminar Recap with Two Minutes for Two Tacos

Released July 25, 2023

Nick and Brian talk the three "C's" of National Seminar (Classes, Concerts, and Community) and share their "Two Minutes for Two Tacos" live interviews from the Handbell Commons! Thank you to everyone who participated in our interviews. 

National Seminar program booklet

Handbell Musicians of America YouTube Page

Season 1: Episode 6 -- HANDBELL HANGOUT, with Gillian Erlenborn and Cam Carter

Released July 11, 2023

For our first Handbell Hangout episode, Brian and Nick grade *ALL* the handbell techniques with friends Gillian Erlenborn and Cam Carter. How did our ranking compare with yours?

Handbell and Handchime Notation Guide.pdf

Technique Tier List.png

Season 1: Episode 5 -- Scratching That Ringing Itch

Released June 27, 2023

Itching for more handbells? Nick and Brian talk about the many handbell events taking place over the summer, from Area Festivals to Bay View to church music conferences.

Handbell Musicians of America Networking Page - Find national, area, state, and local events here, network with fellow handbell musicians, and find information about products, services, and other organizations.

Week of Handbells - The Advanced Handbell Event in Bay View, Michigan

Season 1: Episode 4 -- We're Going to Disn-...*checks notes* National Seminar! with Linda Onorevole 

Released June 13, 2023

Executive Director of Handbell Musicians of America, Linda Onorevole joins us to talk about plans for the upcoming National Seminar event, what the Guild is looking forward to in the future, and a little bit of 80s rock!

Handbell Musicians of America National Seminar Home Page

Season1: Episode 3 -- The Origin Story with Michael Kastner  

Released May 30, 2023

Conductor, clinician, and solo ringer Michael Kastner joins us to talk about the origin story of the phrase "two tacos high", the history of SEE and STEP, and his experience teaching (and of course continuing to learn) at handbell events around the country.

Season 1: Episode 2 -- WhWaGo? WaGoPodcast! with Tim Waugh   

Released May 16, 2023

Conductor and composer Tim Waugh joins us to talk about the Washington Independent School Handbell (WISH) Festival, what it's like to prepare for a youth festival, and where in the world handbells have taken him. 

Season 1: Episode 1 -- Welcome to Two Tacos High!   

Released May 5, 2023

So we have a podcast, but who are we and why are we talking to you about handbells? Plus - What to expect from future episodes.